[VIDEO] Sex in Video Games

If this game’s a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’!
By GoldenMoustacheVideo

Chell & Stimpy

Chell & Stimpy
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Corrupted Cores
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Admittedly everything is cooler when it’s done by happydoodle in John K’s art style!

Pixar Portal

Pixar Portal
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Portal Pixar Style 2
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Sure those TF2 shorts are pretty amazing, but I bet Pixar could blow them out of the water given the chance! Of course these aren’t actually by Pixar, they’re renders by Alex Zemke!

[VIDEO] If I Were A Core…

At first it seems like becoming a personality core wouldn’t be a particularly glamorous position at Aperture Science, but I suppose from a turret’s perspective any kind of  job change is a promotion!
Another great Portal music video by

[VIDEO] This Is Aperture

I love Portal 2, and I love The Nightmare Before Christmas, so basically I want to make out with this entire video!
By , submitted by several people

Valve Games: Then & Now

A retrospective: Valve games: then & now

Everyone keeps wondering what the hold up is on Episode 3… when the sad truth is they’re still trying to get the rainbow clown-wig physics juuuust right.
By John Kleckner [Hejibits], submitted by toadking07

Problem Solver

Chell has a rocket launcher, your science is invalid.
By Eless [CoolApe], submitted by Mr. Dollar

[VIDEO] Portal: No Escape

I can see the trailer now. THIS SUMMER, IN A WORLD OF QUANTUM PHYSICS, ONE WOMAN DARES TO SURVIVE. It would probably have this for a movie poster too!
By , submitted by everyone

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