[VIDEO] NBA Motherfucking Jam

Are you ready for the SLAM JAM?
By thatscoutisaspy, submitted by Andy Kluthe

[VIDEO] Left 4 Hats 2

It’s kind of hard to believe this isn’t an integral part of the game yet.

[VIDEO] Who’s Cooking Tonight?

Surviving a zombie outbreak was difficult. Living together as roommates? Now that’s pretty much impossible!
By , submitted by Roflcakes Internets

[VIDEO] Rhythm Fortress

Everything is better with Team Fortress 2 characters… even Nintendo’s Rhythm Heaven!
(Also Nintendo, put the Wii version of this out in the U.S. please!)
Click here to see them all!
By , submitted by El_bruno

Bonus Stage:

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It ain’t right for a jockey to be ridden like that!
Screenshot by SpikeKintarin

[VIDEO] Left 4 Portal 2

Why… why can’t this be a real thing?
Oh wait it actually is! It’s secret content in the Suicide Blitz 2 custom map for Left 4 Dead 2!
Video by , found by Ashley “Kiyi” Locke


Click here to zoom!

You call that a massive collection of custom Mega Man sprites? Well where the hell is Professor Layto…oh there he is. Yeah well where the hell is Vincent Valentin…oh there he is. Well where the hell is, you know what… they’re all there.
By captainslam (available as a print here!)

[MODS] Mines of the Living Dead – The Caves

Remember a while back we posted the cover art for a L4D2/Minecraft crossover called Mines of the Living Dead? Well good news, the first level of the campaign is complete and ready for downloading! (Also it includes a survival mode map!) Next up, Miclee will be taking the surviors out of the caves to the Minecraftey outdoors!

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