The Halolzween 2011 Pumpkin Carving Contest Runners-Up!

Halolzween 2011 Pumpkin Carving Contest Runners-Up

Yes, finally… I have some contest runners-up to post! Sorry for the delay but Fred and I were out of town until Nov 7th for Youmacon and we fell a bit behind! It was a tough decision as we had a lot of favorites, but we decided to limit ourselves to ten runners-up this year:

Uber Pimpkin by CG
Nyan Over The Moon by ZombieFembot
Gish Pumpkin by OmeletGood
Hey Listen! by Kyasuri
Item Triforce by LadyFiede
TF2 Scream Fortress Pumpkin by K-Stop
GLaDOS by Sussi
The Crashers by Saxon216
Haberdashpionage by UDNTNOME
Locust Meatshield by XV Mr 14 VX

These folks all win a shirt of their choice from Level Up Studios!

Again, there were many more favorites we would’ve liked to pick… but we really had to limit ourselves! However if you submitted an entry this year and included a mailing address you’ll be receiving a small bonus prize just for entering!

Congrats to everyone for another successful year of vegetable artistry! You guys are truly amazing!


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