[VIDEO] Minecraft: The Anime

Minecraft isn’t an anime, but if it was, I’d like to think its opening sequences would look something like this!
By legofguy and hanyilv, submitted by Tsuki

Speaking of anime, I just got back from A-Kon in Dallas, Texas! I didn’t do a great job of mentioning I’d be there, but if I saw you, thanks for stopping to say hi!

[VIDEO] Minecraft Style

I know you’re all sick of these… but this one was done so well!

[VIDEO] Plants vs Zombies Gangnam Style

Makes sense… I imagine Plants vs Zombies is quite popular in South Korea!

[VIDEO] Mob Saloon

The bad guys have to hang out SOMEWHERE during the daytime!
By , submitted by God Robert’s Cousin

[VIDEO] Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph Teaser

I don’t like getting my hopes up too high, but this upcoming movie by Disney may be the first movie about video games I don’t totally hate.

Deadwood Pro Baseball Bats

Deadwood Pro Baseball Bats

Aluminum bats? Don’t make me laugh, everyone knows the pros have Deadwood.
[via Dead Rising’s Facebook Fan Page]

[VIDEO] A Normal Morning in Minecraft

Some people wake up to the sound of birds chirping or maybe a rooster crow, but in Minecraft we all wake up to the familiar sound of dead flesh burning…



300 Miners? I haven’t seen that many minors in one place since our last Justin Bieber concert! Hai-yoooo!
By neoblade1624

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