A moron?! Dear sir I am one of the most learned of personality cores!
By roxination

Chell & Stimpy

Chell & Stimpy
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Corrupted Cores
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Admittedly everything is cooler when it’s done by happydoodle in John K’s art style!

[VIDEO] If I Were A Core…

At first it seems like becoming a personality core wouldn’t be a particularly glamorous position at Aperture Science, but I suppose from a turret’s perspective any kind of  job change is a promotion!
Another great Portal music video by

Wheatley’s Return

Wheatley's Return

Why in such a hurry to get back? Everyone wants to go to SPACE!
By Mike Minotti [GameStuff]

[VIDEO] This Is Aperture

I love Portal 2, and I love The Nightmare Before Christmas, so basically I want to make out with this entire video!
By , submitted by several people

[VIDEO] VGA Best Character 2011 Nominees and Winners

Yes, Spike’s Video Game Awards are pretty much the worst thing ever… but if they have one redeeming quality it’s that they result in these cool “Best Character of the Year” nominee videos getting made!
Also goddamn I hate working with YouTube sometimes, sorry for the ” target=”_blank”>embedding problems.

Problem Solver

Chell has a rocket launcher, your science is invalid.
By Eless [CoolApe], submitted by Mr. Dollar

Wheatley Puppet

Wheatley Puppet

It’s official. This is the greatest cosplaying prop ever made. That’s right all you losers who made a GLaDOS using a potato and some loose wires… contest over! You’ve lost!
By TRP-Chan, submitted by everyone

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