[VIDEO] Rhythm Fortress

Everything is better with Team Fortress 2 characters… even Nintendo’s Rhythm Heaven!
(Also Nintendo, put the Wii version of this out in the U.S. please!)
Click here to see them all!
By , submitted by El_bruno

Bonus Stage:

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[VIDEO] Adult Situations With The Spy

I had no idea the Spy was into such kinky stuff! Although he is French…
First video by , found by Chris Ryberg
Second video by , submitted by Slaanesh T.

Left 5 Dead with Chris Redfield

Left 5 Dead with Chris Redfield

No amount of S.T.A.R.S. training could prepare Chris for this!
By mivion, submitted by Kyle P.


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You call that a massive collection of custom Mega Man sprites? Well where the hell is Professor Layto…oh there he is. Yeah well where the hell is Vincent Valentin…oh there he is. Well where the hell is, you know what… they’re all there.
By captainslam (available as a print here!)

[VIDEO] What’s The Announcer doing when you play TF2?

Spectating a TF2 match isn’t nearly as exciting as being in it… so you have to assume The Administrator is doing something back there to keep herself entertained!
By PoonkerTV, submitted by Brian C. and Mikołaj O.

[VIDEO] Tank vs Zoey

From James Benson, the man who brought us those amazing TF2 dance animations, comes this short but epic L4D1 battle!

Calling for Reinforcements

Calling for Reinforcements - Never a bad idea!

Screenshot by Urbanator, submitted by Andrew B.



Sackboy’s grabbin’ peels!
By Coodoo

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