[VIDEO] Goldrush

The Engineer and Pyro… BFF’s in this video by !

[VIDEO] Ponies Invade Your Video Games

It’s 3am on a Monday night… time to post some goddamn ponies!
Why has MLP invaded so many video games recently? I dunno I just work here!
Anyway if you don’t like My Little Pony, you may as well just stop reading right now!

Those Fluttershy’s are as fearsome as they are adorable!
By [via Destructoid]

At first I couldn’t figure out why Rarity was visiting TF2. Then I realized, no other game has more fashionable hats!
By , submitted by Sam W.

Not exactly the ultimate battle of ultimate destiny, but an interesting matchup none-the-less!
By , submitted by Jamie S.

Yes. Castlevania remixes about Rarity. Sure, why not?
By our buddy , submitted by KeyBlader1

And of course I can never get enough Rhythm Heaven

I think that fills our pony quota for the next three weeks, right?

Valve Games: Then & Now

A retrospective: Valve games: then & now

Everyone keeps wondering what the hold up is on Episode 3… when the sad truth is they’re still trying to get the rainbow clown-wig physics juuuust right.
By John Kleckner [Hejibits], submitted by toadking07

TF2: Then and Now

TF2: Then and Now

Remember when hats didn’t exist in TF2? Yeah neither do I.
By OzzuGuru



What makes me a good Demopan?! If I was a bad Demopan, I wouldn’t be sittin’ here with a treasure chest hat and shutter shades now would I?!
Submitted by Sadface

[VIDEO] Team Fortress 2: A Detailed Examination

We’ve come a long way baby!
By , submitted by Ogre

[VIDEO] Unforeseen Consequences of Tea Time

There is a lot of weird stuff going on in this video, but the key point to remember… NEVER interrupt Heavy and Medic’s tea time!
By , submitted by Sadface

[VIDEO] Soldier’s Friday

If only Saxton Hale would destroy the real Rebecca Black.
By , submitted by HelixD

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