The 120 Stars of Super Mario 64

The 120 Stars of Super Mario 64

When Kit Sovereign illustrates it like this, getting all the stars in Mario 64 doesn’t seem hard at all!
Now available as a poster at Level Up Studios!

[VIDEO] Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph Teaser

I don’t like getting my hopes up too high, but this upcoming movie by Disney may be the first movie about video games I don’t totally hate.

Feudal Mario Kart

Feudal Mario Kart

Kappa demon turtles race dishonorably! Vengeance can only be attained using the mystical flower of flames, or perhaps the peeled skin of the delicious banana fruit!
By Jed Henry

The League of Video Game Evil

The League of Video Game Evil
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Not one pretty boy in the bunch.
By xxEpicxx

[VIDEO] Occupy Bowser’s Castle

For some reason the one thing I took away from this animation, is that Nintendo should start putting in Bullet Bills with jetpacks.
By Appsro Animation


Think a video about a Portal version of SMB is crazy? It’s an actual game!
By, submitted by FrEEz

Oh and if that’s not enough, here’s a typical MariO pro shot.

[VIDEO] How Super Mario Should Have Ended

Not all that surprising… the cake has always been a lie.
By , submitted by Jordan

Poor Mario………

Poor Mario.........
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You’d think there’d be plenty of job opportunities in the Mushroom Kingdom, but unfortunately with Mario’s education he’s only qualified to fix plumbing and stomp on the local wildlife.
By dmgoodr

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