[VIDEO] Occupy Bowser’s Castle

For some reason the one thing I took away from this animation, is that Nintendo should start putting in Bullet Bills with jetpacks.
By Appsro Animation


Think a video about a Portal version of SMB is crazy? It’s an actual game!
By Stabyourself.net, submitted by FrEEz

Oh and if that’s not enough, here’s a typical MariO pro shot.

[VIDEO] How Super Mario Should Have Ended

Not all that surprising… the cake has always been a lie.
By , submitted by Jordan

[VIDEO] If It Takes a Lifetime

Having a bunch of extra lives seems like  it would be great, but it’s actually quite tedious!
A Brawl in the Family video, submitted by AuraMaster

[VIDEO] Super Mario Bros. Crossover – Ryu Hayabusa Trailer

Overpowered much? Still, I’m really looking forward to playing Ninja Gaiden’s Ryu in Exploding Rabbit’s Super Mario Bros. Crossover! I mean seriously… ninjas make everything better!

[VIDEO] The Video Game Bosses’ Lament

The minions weren’t really reading the company-wide memos, so it’s time for the big bosses to hold a meeting within each of their divisions. Attendance… mandatory!
By CollegeHumor