Storm’s Blitzle

Storm's Blitzle

It’s funny, just the other day I was thinking to myself… if 80’s Storm from the X-Men had a 5th gen Pokemon which one would it be? FINALLY SOME ANSWERS!
By the super cool Yuko Ota [Johnny Wander]


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Daaaaaw. On an unrelated note, I have to go dress up my cats like Deadpool and Dr. Doom and have them fight to the death!
By suzuran, submitted by Dr. Furry

[VIDEO] Two Best Friends Play MvC3

When two best friends play Marvel vs Capcom 3, the fate of two worlds is looking grim!
Another great video by theswitcher, submitted by several people

[VIDEO] Marvel vs Capcom 3: Iron Man and Girls Girls Girls

We all knew Tony Stark loves the ladies, but I had no idea how much he hated pants!
I think there’s a Frisky Dingo joke in there somewhere.
By JohnnyUtah [Newgrounds], submitted by Alex H.

Phoenix Wright in Marvel vs Capcom 3

Phoenix Wright in Marvel vs Capcom 3 (comic)

We all wanted Phoenix Wright in Marvel vs Capcom 3… but how well can you really expect a lawyer to fare in a fighting game with the worlds most powerful heroes and villains?

Then again in part 2 of the comic you may find that some lawyers are tough enough for a street fight!

More awesome comics by Matsu-sensei, submitted by Freddy Trunk-Trunks

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