[VIDEO] Two Best Friends Play MvC3

When two best friends play Marvel vs Capcom 3, the fate of two worlds is looking grim!
Another great video by theswitcher, submitted by several people

[VIDEO] Marvel vs Capcom 3 – Hyper Combo Finishes

Every level 3 hyper combo in Marvel vs Capcom 3? I came.
Also as an added bonus, all the character specific smack talk taunts!
[via ScrewAttack]

Can’t let you do that, Demon Fox!

Can’t let you do that, Demon Fox!

Sorry for the lack of updates today, I’ve been on the couch fighting off a cold.
Lets see if I can come up with a joke for Jonathan Leet’s submission while I’m sick.
Okami? More like… OKANT LET YOU DO THAT!
Eh? EH?!
Ok back to bed…