I think we all knew that behind that glassy eyed stare, beat the heart of a serial killer.
By HoboRobo

Superhero Pokémon

ZubatmanHuman Torchic
Poison SnivyGreen Lanturn
Lairon ManEmma Froslass
Black AriadowChimcharley Quinn
JokerliaSkitty Pride
Wonder Woobat

There’s a new breed of hero in town! But they’re all from different egg types!
By Binsbilyas

[VIDEO] Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged in TF2

Towers of hats on motorcycles?
By [via LittleKuriboh]

How are you doing today, DAVE?!

How are you doing today, DAVE?!

And we wrap up GG-Guys week with a comic that speaks to my inner Grammar (or should I say Punctuation) Nazi. If this kind of thing didn’t bother you even a little… well… I dunno… but it bothered the HELL out of me!
By Psyguy, Supadave and Shannon!



Wait didn’t Brock ditch him for a little while during the Johto league? Also wasn’t that short period THE BEST TIME OF HIS LIFE? Dude should think about moving on!
By Bryan Lacie [KakuJomics], submitted by spplmj

The name rater in Eterna City REFUSES to change my Duskull’s name! HELP!

The name rater in Eterna City REFUSES to change my Duskull's name! HELP!

Click here to view the full forum argument between “pokepizza” and “Ethan” as they debate the semantics of proper Pokémon naming etiquette!
From, submitted by several people

PSYDUCK – Wants your Bad Romance.

PSYDUCK - Wants your Bad Romance.

Ok… that is actually a scary coincidence. What other predictions has Psyduck made for the future that we’ve overlooked?? Could he be some kind of PokéNostradamus?
Although Lady Gaga does tend to crossover into video games quite often around here!
Submitted by Jakorap


Zombiémon Preview

Zombies, in OUR Pokémon? It’s more likely than you think!
Click here to catch them all!
Artist unknown, submitted by Corey S.

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