Pokemon time, c’mon catch your friends! We’ll go to very distant lands!
By thelimeofdoom

[VIDEO] Pokémon Spread

This… is definitely… a thing. You’re welcome.
By , submitted by Chris Jeffery

[VIDEO] Strong Pokemonz

No badges? No respect.
By , submitted by Sadface

[MERCH] “Brock Obama 2012” Mens & Ladies T-Shirt

Brock Obama Pokemon T-Shirt

It’s been a while since we’ve done some new Halolz shirts, huh? Well not to worry, we’ve got a few on the way! Our first one is a campaign shirt for everyone’s favorite presidential candidate Brock Obama, featuring art by April (Sadface)… and it’s also a Level Up Studios “Time Attack Sale” shirt which means that for the next 24 hours you can pick it up for only $9.99! What a steal!

“As a respected leader at the Pewter City gym, Brock has always been a man you can trust. That’s why this November, we’re looking to you to vote for a man who will provide the rock solid leadership you expect from your Kanto governement.

So this election, cast your vote for Brock Obama! A vote for Brock is a vote for stability and security. When the going gets tough, the tough get Rock pokemon!”

Pick one up today!

[VIDEO] Pikachu on Acid

When Muk uses acid on Pikachu, things get a little crazy.


For a ten year old, that Gary sure gets around.
By , submitted by spplmj

[VIDEO] Goldeen Loves Guitar

Music soothes the savage Pokemon.
By , submitted by Dr. Furry

[VIDEO] Pikapew Poop Chu

Trust me Pikachu, Ash is clearly an expert at covering for farts!
By Pendleton Ward and Natasha Allegri [Adventure Time], submitted by SuperAsianMan

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