My Little Pony Rarity's Tears

My Little Pony Pinkie Pie's Adventure

They say everything’s better with ponies? Even NES classics?
And of course Rarity’s Tears is a reference to Psyguy’s musical parody of the same name!
By foolyguy

Halo: Finish the Friendship

Halo: Finish the Friendship

I heard Bungie let go of the Halo license to work exclusively in the field of MLP games!
By FlavinBagel, submitted by Masterluigi452

My Little Turret: Friendship is Science

My Little Turret: Friendship is Science

I knew Aperture’s sentry guns came in many colorful styles, but who knew they had so many pastel options available?
By Inspectornills, submitted by Dick Pound

[VIDEO] Super Meat Brony & SherBend Land

For some reason I decided to post these. I don’t know why… it’s 2am and I haven’t slept in a very long time! I’m not on trial here!
By and , video two submitted by Roflcakes Internet

Friendship is SURVIVAL

Friendship is SURVIVAL
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This summer. In a world… where ponies are humans and zombies are zombies, one team dares to survive with the power of friendship.
By theartrix, submitted by

[VIDEO] Pinkie Pie Likes Space

Fact Core: It is well known that pony’s like to have a large amount of space to run in. Some ponies however are much more obsessed with space.
By , submitted by Mark A.

My Little Portal 2

My Little Portal - Lab Pony

My Little Portal

My Little Portal 2

Now you’re thinking with ponies! Unfortunately the friendship is a lie.
By Don-KomandoRR, SciStarborne and Neonsupertails respectively