Video games are as much fun as their cinematics would have you believe!
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[VIDEO] I’m Bad at LoL: Be A Man – The Xin Zhao Tutorial

It is a well known fact that the louder you yell during battle, the more effective Xin Zhao’s attacks will be!
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[VIDEO] League of Legends: Stick Figure Spotlight

League champs have some pretty cool special attacks, but I guess it doesn’t matter how many you know when you’re up against the Might of Demacia.
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I want you to surrender, at 20 minutes

We may as well… we’ve lost all our towers and Xin has been feeding the entire game.
By Broccli

[VIDEO] What Would Heimerdinger Do?

Come on guys… don’t surrender that LoL match! Just think of Heimerdinger!
By , submitted by Crazy Boris!

Your position in queue:

Your position in queue: Over 9000

I dunno when AManWithACloak got this message, I just started playing tonight and I didn’t have to wait at all!

Speaking of which this game is pretty awesome, and also free! If you’re interested in checking it out sign up here and add me to your friends list! My character name is Solirue! Maybe we can get some Halolz games going?