[VIDEO] Darius High-Fives Teemo

Bros before Teemos
By CrazyBorisProduction

[VIDEO] Stick Figure Spotlight 2 – Demacia vs Noxus

Runeterra… a world where only the stronk survive.
The sequel to the original stick figure battle by , submitted by FlipSide13



It’s ganking time, c’mon tell your friends! Where exhausts and ig-nites, never end!
With ‘Wick the wolf and Garen the hu-man… the attacks will never end, it’s ganking time!
By 秋貓

[VIDEO] League of Legends: Stick Figure Spotlight

League champs have some pretty cool special attacks, but I guess it doesn’t matter how many you know when you’re up against the Might of Demacia.
By , submitted by Matthew W.

[VIDEO] League of Legends Lore in a Minute

A lot of you guys seem to be lost when I post LoL related stuff… so here’s a little background info to get you up to speed!
By , found by Sanshee

[AUDIO] No One Ganks Like Garen

Garen is a pretty cool guy who’s not afraid of anythi-DEMACIA!!
by , submitted by SavageSparrow