Under the sea with Mister B!


Oh the places you’ll go! In fact, you might not come back…
By DrFaustusAU


Things are still swingin’ under the sea!
Another musical melody by brentalfloss


Video games are as much fun as their cinematics would have you believe!
By , submitted by SavageSparrow

Video Game Pornos

Video Game Pornos 1
Video Game Pornos 2

Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me?
A collection of video game themed porno box art by Porrskadad
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Hurry Mr. Tibbers

Hurry Mr. Tibbers, we mustnt keep the angels waiting

Riot, would you kindly add this to Annie’s skins?
By Gladosy (thanks Trevor L!)



Would you kindly hit that three point shot so I can cover the spread?
By Ray2chill

You Know You’ve Been Playing Too Much Bioshock When…

You Know You've Been Playing Too Much Bioshock When...

It’s a tough decision when you see a Girl Scout with all those cookies. Sure you could buy a few, but you could also take her out SO EASILY.
By Caldwell Tanner & Alyssa Alecci [via Dorkly]

[VIDEO] Rapture recreated in Minecraft

Mineshock? Biocraft? Either way JamSessionEin‘s recreation of BioShock’s city of Rapture in Minecraft is insanely hardcore and worth watching!
Submitted by Reclusivegamer

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