For The Flying Types

For The Flying Types
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Only Pokemon could make a classic Pixar short so colorful!
By LynxGriffin

[VIDEO] Red Wastes a Masterball

In all fairness, it could be in the top percentage of all Rattata!
By Dorkly

Darwin’s Theory of Pokémon Evolution

Darwin's Theory of Pokemon Evolution

Blasphemy! Pokéscience has no room for your radical theories on “natural selection!”
All Pokemon were created by a single almighty being! (…Nintendo)
By Santo76 and Bio-bot 9000

[AUDIO] Dramatic Reading of “Portable Atrocities”

I came…
To this city…
To listen to a dramatic reading of our Portable Atrocities song!
By TotalHalibut, submitted by Badonk and Stephen

Update: We now have an updated version with background music by akovaski!

I wish to become the unquestionable champion, Unlike any gentlemen who ever had the pleasure to exist.

Pokemon TV Show Theme - Joseph Ducreux Style

Must be encapsulated en masse! Portable Atrocities!
Note: Yes I did make this one myself, since a lot of people have been asking.

REPEL’s effects wore off!

REPEL's effects wore off! (comic)

Artist unknown, submitted by several people.