A Minecraft Adventure

A Minecraft Adventure

Minecraft problems tend to work themselves out.
By CauseImDanJones

[VIDEO] MINECRAFT FAIL, A Minecraft Parody

For the first time ever I actually feel bad for a creeper. But only slightly.
By , submitted by Gungag

[VIDEO] Criminal Mines

A Minecraft/Criminal Minds crossover? Sure, why not?
From the MAD animated series, submitted by Sadface

[VIDEO] A Normal Morning in Minecraft

Some people wake up to the sound of birds chirping or maybe a rooster crow, but in Minecraft we all wake up to the familiar sound of dead flesh burning…

[VIDEO] Minecraft Massacre

Unfortunately it takes a lot of smelted iron to make all those bullets…
By FreddieW

Not Enough Torches

Not Enough Torches
Click here to zoom!

Thank God the Minecraft universe is rendered in adorable little cubes… because in reality that place is about 100 times scarier at night!
By ghostfire, submitted by toadking07



Creepers have far more involved lives after work hours than I ever would have considered.
By Boojamon

Creeper Streaker

Creeper Streaker

It’s hard to believe there’s a situation where people would RATHER see a naked guy on the field! From Something Awful

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