[VIDEO] pro as heck guide to master yi

Man, this guy knows how to make a guide video! Finally I can dunk some fools with Master Yi! Who knew the secret was to have SO MANY SWORDS

[VIDEO] If It Takes a Lifetime

Having a bunch of extra lives seems like  it would be great, but it’s actually quite tedious!
A Brawl in the Family video, submitted by AuraMaster


Click here to zoom!

You call that a massive collection of custom Mega Man sprites? Well where the hell is Professor Layto…oh there he is. Yeah well where the hell is Vincent Valentin…oh there he is. Well where the hell is, you know what… they’re all there.
By captainslam (available as a print here!)

[VIDEO] Captain Falcon: The Sore Loser

It’s hard to feel bad for Falcon, he is one of the lowest ranked characters in Brawl. I guess after years of losing battles he just got fed up!
Via NicoVideo



Lets see…
Koopa Troopa = Hunter
Donkey Kong = Charger
Wario = Boomer
Yoshi = Smoker
Birdo = Spitter
Rosalina = Witch
Bowser = Tank
Yep it all checks out!
By Josh Hano

[VIDEO] What If Classic Video Game Ending Credits Had Lyrics?

I don’t care what Brent’s evil tophatted doppelganger thinks, those hours were well spent! Well okay, not really… I’d love to get those hours of my life back if I could!
Submitted by smashpro1

[VIDEO] Smash Eater

Oh you kids, I know how you love your animes! That’s why when Uzumakiclan43 sent in these two Smash Bros style Soul Eater openings I figured, I better post these to meet my new Halolz anime themed quota of the week!
Videos by and respectively.

[VIDEO] Landmaster Fail

Fox! Try a somersault! Oh right… Landmaster’s don’t fly.

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