How Guile Does His Do

How Guile Does His Do

I guess there’s more than one way to get that iconic hairstyle!
By Steve Napierski [4Koma]

Guile’s Perfect Haircut

Guile's Perfect Haircut

I always wondered how he got his signature haircut so perfect!
By FlyingMouse365

[VIDEO] Super Street Fighter II with a Portal Gun

I wonder what game will the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device show up in next?
By The Pixel Kingdom

Fighting Game Hipsters

Hipster Guile

Hipster Sub-Zero

Hipster Kyo Kusanagi

Man whatever, I was into Fighting Game Hipsters before they went mainstream!
Submitted by Darth_Destro

[VIDEO] I’ll make a Dan out of you!

BE A DAN! You must be swift as the coursing river!
BE A DAN! With all the force of a great typhoon!
BE A DAN! With all the strength of a raging fire!
Mysterious as the dark side of the mooooooooooooon!
It takes a lot of work to record enough ranked matches to make a Dan montage like that, but pulls it off nicely!



You thought Guile was deadly when he threw an energy wave at you, wait until he starts chucking those goddamn horses!
Art by noben, video by , submitted by Dr. Furry


SONIC BOOM! (comic)

I… don’t think that’s actually how he named his signature special attack.
By ZoDy [CoolApe], submitted by Mr. Dollar

Guile, Family Counselor

Guile, Family Counselor (comic)

He got his PhD in punches, kicks and knees!
From, submitted by mr dollar

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