[VIDEO] How Valve Got Their Logo

I always wondered where that image came from! But… does that mean some kind of time travel was involved? I will assume yes!
By Falconer02

[AUDIO] Dr. Nick

I don’t think that man has ever been to medical school! He may even be LESS qualified than Dr. Mario… if that’s even possible!
By JinnOwnzU

[VIDEO] Charger Sneak Attack

All I can think of is John Madden’s voice… “BOOM WHERE’D THAT TRUCK COME FROM!”
By MarphitimusBlackimus

[VIDEO] Left 4 Speed 2

By OneyNG

[VIDEO] What Happens When Coach Gets His Cheeseburger

We all know what happens when Louis gets his pills, but what happens when Coach gets his cheeseburgers? INSANITY THAT’S WHAT
By Mccoins


You can never have too many Nicks!
Submitted by Jake A.


The Boomer & The Survivors… Best Friends for Life!
Although I will point out that the average Boomer’s lifespan is quite short…
An episode of “Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin’?

Ellis Uses “Yahoo Answers!”

Do any y’all know what ‘suck the heads’ means?

Well I guess if he doesn’t keep asking, he’ll never find out!
Submitted by Blue Paratroopa

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