[VIDEO] It’s a Wonderful Extra Life

To Luigi! The greatest plumber in the Mushroom Kingdom! Okay that’s not true… but he’s still an important bro!
By Dorkly, submitted by smashpro1


[VIDEO] Luigi Wears Red

I suppose this would be a case of… bros before clothes? *rimshot*
By Dorkly, submitted by Alex D.

[VIDEO] Super Mario -The 30th Anniversary Medley-

Yes, fine, I will post this already! I know it’s awesome! Stop sending it in! :O
Submitted by everyone



Lets see…
Koopa Troopa = Hunter
Donkey Kong = Charger
Wario = Boomer
Yoshi = Smoker
Birdo = Spitter
Rosalina = Witch
Bowser = Tank
Yep it all checks out!
By Josh Hano

[VIDEO] Mario’s Invincible Song

Great… now I can never hear this song again without hearing the refrain “Suuuuuck myyy baaaaalls…”
By LordoftheJimmy and , submitted by Walter N.

[VIDEO] What If Classic Video Game Ending Credits Had Lyrics?

I don’t care what Brent’s evil tophatted doppelganger thinks, those hours were well spent! Well okay, not really… I’d love to get those hours of my life back if I could!
Submitted by smashpro1

Toad Ducreux

Toad Ducreux
Toad Ducreux

As I was photoshopping a Toad hat onto an image of Joseph Decreux this morning, it occurred to me that I have made a pretty strange career for myself!
By Gilbert V. with some upgrades by myself.

Sorry but Dracula is in another castle!

Toad: Sorry but Dracula is in another castle!

What is a Toad? A miserable pile of secrets! But enough talk, have at you!
By ferret522, submitted by Masterluigi452

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