[VIDEO] Thunder Mountain FEVER

Mocap in Source Film Maker… has about as many uses as you’d expect.

[VIDEO] The Curse of Team Auto-Balance

Strange, that usually works. Performance anxiety?



Getting coated in urine doesn’t seem nearly as bad now.
By SleepDepJoel

[VIDEO] Meet the Solider directed by Michael Bay

The Soldier’s so cool, he doesn’t even need to look at all those explosions!
By , submitted by Zach H.

How to play Scout in Mann vs. Machine

How to play Scout in Mann vs. Machine
Have to say, Mann vs Machine really puts the “team” back in Team Fortress 2!
By Steve

[VIDEO] Meat the Soldier

Clothing only slows him down! Ha HA! Dangley parts!
By , submitted by Psycroc

[VIDEO] Meet the Roboldier

Little did they know, while we were infiltrating the robots, the robots were infiltrating us!

[VIDEO] Mann vs. Machine

The future is now… and it’s a dark, gray future!

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