Norman Rockman

Norman Rockman

The prefect combination of art from the 1950’s and robots built in 20XX!

Lets go! RockGirl

Lets go! RockGirl
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Female Mega Man and Proto Man (and some of the robot masters)? Sure why not, even ladies know how to JUMP ‘N SHOOT!
By dcwj [via Rampaged Reality]

[VIDEO] Sequelitis – Mega Man Classic vs. Mega Man X

Egoraptor’s new series Sequelitis is so good. How good is it? If this video doesn’t blow your mind even a little bit, you have no soul. JUMP’NSHOOT MAN!

Kellogg’s vs Capcom

Kellogg's vs Capcom

The continuation of Capcom’s legendary VS Series! It’s not out yet but I found a few of the new special moves:
— Tony the Tiger Uppercut
Tap Repeatedly — Honey Smacks
 +  — Toucan Slam
— Two Scoops of Kellog’s Raisin Kablam
Submitted by Chris L. [via Marvel vs Capcom 3’s Facebook Page]

20XX World’s Fair

Welcome Home to TOMORROW!
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I’ll take eight! I’m a crafty consumer!
By Timothy Lim [via Rampaged Reality]