[VIDEO] Skyrim: Bastion Narrator Edition

I don’t totally get this, because I haven’t played Bastion yet, but Doc_ock_rokc assures me it’s awesome. Is he right?

The Halolzween 2011 Pumpkin Carving Contest Grand Prize Winners!

Yes! Yes! We’ve finally got some winners for ya! Emily, Fred and I put our collective heads together and have named the following entries as our grand prize winners! These winners will receive the respect of their peers, along with that juicy Level Up Studios store credit!

Halolzween Winner AU 313

Our most creative winner this year was Primevil with his amazing pumpkin rendition of Metroid Prime 3’s Aurora Unit 313! You may remember some of his previous work when he won prizes in our first year and second year contest with his impressive Metroid themed carvings! Who knows what Metroid themed thing we’ll see next year!

Halolzween Most Detailed Winner

Our most detailed winner this year was ceemdee, who for a second year swept the category with her incredibly beautiful carvings! We featured these three in particular because each judge had a favorite… Emily voted for “Bastion,” Fred voted for “Ico” and Shawn voted for “Minesweeper.” However you have to admit that all her entries were extremely well done!

Halolzween Most Humorous WInner 2011

And finally our most humorous winner this year was “Pumpkin Gaiden” by newcomer Sir Zebulon Anselm Löwe lll! His Ryu Hayabusa pumpkin literally destroyed the competition, along with most of his front yard!

Congratulations again to all our grand prize winners, and stay tuned for our next post where we will announce our eight runner-up winners!