The worst part is he’s saying this in the year 3000… which means we’ve still got a lot of waiting ahead of us.
Submitted by Chris Ryberg

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Posted by Shawn Handyside on August 12, 2012 · 11:29 AM 
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Depressing, Sequential Art, The Simpsons / Futurama, TV Shows, Valve Software

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61 Responses to “WHAT A HORRIBLE DREAM!”

  1. ChaosController on August 12th, 2012 12:10 pm

    Meanwhile in the year 3012:

    [youtube 632kyLysP6c rel="nofollow"> youtube]

    (Yes it says 2012, but of course it was changed, since the year 3012 has a 3 in it.)

  2. Marzen on August 12th, 2012 12:18 pm

    That can't POSSIBLY be Gabe, guys!

    I mean, look at how thin he is!

  3. Spaz Tzu on August 12th, 2012 12:28 pm

    It makes me wonder.


  4. MorningMoon on August 12th, 2012 12:39 pm

    In the future, there will be a Gabe in every closet for every person. It's called Steam 2.999999999999

  5. Simply DA on August 12th, 2012 12:47 pm

    We interrupt your regular schedule of lolz to bring you A NEW SECRET TF2 COMIC! http://www.teamfortress.com/bloodbrothers/

  6. Psycroc on August 12th, 2012 12:52 pm

    Gabe Newell was born on November 3rd

    I shit you not

  7. Mindlessinvalid on August 12th, 2012 12:56 pm

    Guys! I know why there has never been a third installment of any Valve game!

    Valve makes *good* games, and third installments are invariably bad (or at least mediocre).

    (Read the following in the style of urgency and all in one breath)
    Either that or stupid people keep calling that fatty Gabe Newell fat to postpone the release date. If you keep calling chubs a fat sack of lard, we're never going to get the HL2: Ep 3! So stop it! Let the landwhale have his dignity! Every time you mention his obvious obesity he pushes the release date back even farther! I don't know how much more obvious I have to make this poorly conceived joke before it's clear what I'm doing….
    *deep breath*
    Gabe is fat.

  8. Bobomberman on August 12th, 2012 1:29 pm

    At least we don't have to worry about current popular games' large focus be centered on the acquisition of petty meaningless pixel glam right?

  9. Armetron on August 12th, 2012 1:53 pm
  10. TheTaurenRogue on August 12th, 2012 2:26 pm
  11. Alpar on August 12th, 2012 4:22 pm

    And as Shawn stated, Futurama takes place in the years of 3000…

  12. TheInsaneWombat on August 12th, 2012 5:43 pm

    I bet I'll get ALL of the -1s if I call Gabe fat so many times that he pushes Half Life: 3 back…

    <img src="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/1/16/Drevil_million_dollars.jpg/200px-Drevil_million_dollars.jpg"&gt;


  13. TheInsaneWombat on August 12th, 2012 5:44 pm

    Gaben is so fat that- *gunshot*

  14. GanjalfTheGreen on August 12th, 2012 5:51 pm

    First frame is disturbingly similar to this.

  15. MasterLuigi452 on August 12th, 2012 7:57 pm

    Wait. I don't remember that scene from any of Futurama that I've seen.
    Guess I need to do some catch ups.

  16. Kn0w1d3a on August 13th, 2012 3:46 pm

    <img src=http://i.imgur.com/1T5Ez.png>

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