MESS WITH THE FALCON - You Get the Horns

I didn’t even know Chance had horns! Did he steal them from Black Shadow?

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Posted by Shawn Handyside on May 1, 2009 · 12:02 AM 
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29 Responses to “MESS WITH THE FALCON”

  1. Cypher on May 1st, 2009 4:10 am

    I'd hate to be the guy to piss him off.

  2. RoboRed on May 1st, 2009 4:10 am

    I just can't help but wonder how they did that…

    Mostly because the thinking part of my brain is broken right now…

  3. Ruben on May 1st, 2009 4:28 am

    ….what the hell is that??? I'm looking at it from different angles, but can't think of what's causing the horns

  4. anonymous on May 1st, 2009 4:43 am

    must be something with the clothing

  5. MyGoodChum on May 1st, 2009 4:49 am

    Maybe Kirby with Bowser Power.

  6. Krajin on May 1st, 2009 4:53 am

    ITS OVER 9000!!!!

  7. jacfalcon on May 1st, 2009 4:56 am


  8. MrRaccoon on May 1st, 2009 5:11 am

    Can't make a pun =/
    But nice pic

  9. AuraMaster on May 1st, 2009 6:11 am

    I don't know what happened, or who did it, but they're pretty much screwed now.

    I don't think there's gonna be enough of him left to send to Hell.

  10. Burnt Eyes on May 1st, 2009 8:10 am

    I have a FALCON HUNCH that his opponant is FALCON MULCH

  11. tveye on May 1st, 2009 1:12 pm

    Better if it said "Mess with the Falcon, you get the PAAAWWWNNCCHH!!"

  12. MasqueNoMercy on May 1st, 2009 2:06 pm

    yeah, i will have to see the newgrounds thing to get the joke since when i read this all i am trying to figure out is how captain falcon = a bull

  13. Sane Intolerant on May 1st, 2009 5:51 pm

    I've got a question: Does Black Shadow know you raid is wardrobe?

  14. Sane Intolerant on May 1st, 2009 5:52 pm


  15. DrTimeCop on May 1st, 2009 6:03 pm

    Mmkay guys, any motivational poster involving Captain Falcon must involve the Church of Falcon.

  16. AuraMaster on May 2nd, 2009 5:37 am

    Looks like Captain Falcon's kinda horny. I can see the flames of passion in his eyes… and around his head… and on the rest of his body…

  17. nomnomnom on May 2nd, 2009 3:12 pm

    That looks like a Pokemon…Woudn't that be Torchic shooting fire?

  18. KingofRetards on May 3rd, 2009 3:51 pm

    I'm I the only one who has shit their pants looking at this?

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