I really like these… I hope Psyguy and CrikeyDave make a million of them!

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Posted by Shawn Handyside on January 21, 2013 · 7:12 PM 
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Animated, Best Friends 4-Eva, Chillaxin', Failure, It's A Trap!, Nintendo, Off Duty, Stealth Espionage, Super Mario Bros, Video Clips, WarioWare, Weak Points

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39 Responses to “[VIDEO] Wario Does A Thing”

  1. Vabolo on January 21st, 2013 7:23 pm

    [youtube 7WHptG35EWU rel="nofollow"> youtube]

  2. Spaz Tzu on January 21st, 2013 7:24 pm

    And why do they assume Wario is the only one that says it?

    [youtube 3BtuPZwQVXE rel="nofollow"> youtube]

  3. ibbolia on January 21st, 2013 7:55 pm
  4. Solar Boy Django on January 21st, 2013 8:16 pm

    <img src="http://i193.photobucket.com/albums/z227/ZeldaSheek/WAAAA.png&quot; img="">
    I think Waluigi would have the harder time.

  5. M4DD4WG on January 21st, 2013 8:30 pm
  6. Mr. E on January 21st, 2013 8:30 pm

    I could make a pun, but it would be WAHful- I mean, uh, pancake.

  7. Pisko on January 21st, 2013 8:34 pm

    Waluigi's playhouse

  8. Spaz Tzu on January 21st, 2013 8:40 pm

    Somewhat relevant.
    [youtube i6aYiPr-k2g rel="nofollow"> youtube]

  9. Stormfront on January 21st, 2013 8:45 pm

    becuse Waluigi is more disliked then lugi

  10. Stormfront on January 21st, 2013 8:45 pm

    did the pancakes have garlic on them?

  11. Vatonnage on January 21st, 2013 8:58 pm

    The Halolz equivalent to this would be not being able to use HTML in their comments for ten whole posts.

  12. BraveSirJimOfLawl on January 21st, 2013 9:01 pm

    No images are easy for me, I forget how to embed them an hour after anyone tells me how anyways. Even with a note on my desk that tells me how.

  13. Vabolo on January 21st, 2013 9:10 pm

    No HTML? No using gifs or other images?

    HA! I don't need it!

    I don't need it!

    <img src="http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9qv181RuH1rvfjz8o1_500.gif&quot; width="413" img="">

  14. BraveSirJimOfLawl on January 21st, 2013 9:17 pm

    As long as we're posting Meet the Team… reworkings:
    [youtube T98yNUCMdAY rel="nofollow"> youtube]

  15. Master_Xehanort on January 21st, 2013 9:50 pm

    I think Heavy is hungry.

    [youtube qFAjQcMcBxU rel="nofollow"> youtube]

  16. Caelun_Niveus on January 21st, 2013 9:53 pm

    I cannot seem to send any emails with submissions to Halolz by the email address you have here. I've instead gotten reply emails saying there was an error about permanently failing to send the message.

    If it's not just me this could be a bigger issue than the forums.

  17. Alpar on January 21st, 2013 10:27 pm

    He basically wants you to post this, Shawn.

    (Please don't comment on our voices we hate them too. Yes these were Halolz users in a call. Save the actual witty comments for if the video ever actually gets posted. Otherwise just give quick thoughts I guess.)

    Just keep in mind you should read the description I put up and that we didn't do this for fame, we did it for fun. If it was seriously trying to be famous I wouldn't have posted it at all. The streamer was about halfway through the game so I went "hey wanna start a call? It'd be much easier to make fun of this game by voice." We just had a lot of comedy gold moments so I thought it'd be worth sharing with others.

  18. Porecomesis on January 21st, 2013 11:54 pm

    I have the same problem with emailing him this video: rel="nofollow">

  19. Porecomesis on January 21st, 2013 11:54 pm

    WAHll, that WAHs an entertaining minute spent.

  20. BraveSirJimOfLawl on January 22nd, 2013 12:19 am

    That was hilarious. It's too bad Shawn lost the little slip of paper with his email password on it.

  21. TomQuoVadis on January 22nd, 2013 12:59 am

    I had something I wanted to send in, but after it failed to go I forgot what it was…

  22. Alpar on January 22nd, 2013 1:00 am

    For the record I'm the guy that talks first. Everyone else is a Halolz user though I won't say who in favor of privacy.

  23. ibbolia on January 22nd, 2013 1:26 am
  24. straYDoubter on January 22nd, 2013 9:29 am

    Scout was once asked to go a whole day without saying "pancakes."
    rel="nofollow">His response.

  25. straYDoubter on January 22nd, 2013 9:33 am

    WHAT? How dare assume that…
    <img src="http://brawlinthefamily.keenspot.com/images/W007.jpg"&gt;
    …you win this round Stormfront…

  26. straYDoubter on January 22nd, 2013 9:47 am

    I wonder what the secret word is…

  27. Fhantinabox on January 22nd, 2013 10:14 am

    It's probably Waluigi. I'm sure of it.

  28. Caelun_Niveus on January 22nd, 2013 11:37 am

    While yes that was what I wanted posted… I didn't simply post that because this problem isn't one submission but any future submissions I might want to send.

    Looking for a permanent solution, not a temporary fix.

  29. Teleporting Rock on January 22nd, 2013 12:00 pm

    Since it's Wario we would have to assume he drinks garlic water too.

  30. Sceptilianblade on January 22nd, 2013 2:10 pm

    Than who?

  31. Earl the Lemon on January 22nd, 2013 6:35 pm

    ibbolia, you used my trick, you forced my hand[youtube SKOotZSMHMc rel="nofollow"> youtube]

  32. Earl the Lemon on January 22nd, 2013 6:37 pm

    a day in life for him[youtube -mOki8qn8Ko&list=UUMXvZ5ki-b4X_wbHwsj7PZw&index=1 rel="nofollow"> youtube]

  33. GanjalfTheGreen on January 22nd, 2013 10:02 pm

    Somewhat relevant to the submission.
    [youtube fJebAn6gcGA rel="nofollow"> youtube]

  34. GazzyW007 on January 23rd, 2013 6:05 pm

    Wait, Waluigi is more diliked then… who exactly?

  35. PortalMan on January 23rd, 2013 9:26 pm


  36. Prof. Luigi on January 24th, 2013 4:13 pm

    [youtube i1xFGfigUC0 rel="nofollow"> youtube]

  37. Earl the Lemon on January 24th, 2013 5:37 pm

    So, nice Tf2 post, wait, this is about Wario?

  38. BraveSirJimOfLawl on January 24th, 2013 7:59 pm

    What a fascinating and thought-provoking film
    5 Stars, will watch again

  39. Vabolo on January 26th, 2013 10:19 am

    Well, I thought mine was relevant to the video, seeing how the most memorable lines of the video where "WHAAAA WHAAAAA" followed by "CRY SOME SOME MORE".

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