Snakes… U has dem on a plane…

ultimateDK is cool, but he’s no Samuel L. Jackson!

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Posted by Shawn Handyside on May 30, 2008 · 1:03 AM 
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28 Responses to “Snakes… U has dem on a plane…”

  1. Burnt Eyes on May 29th, 2008 11:41 pm

    Not bad. Caption would've worked better with something more planey and possibly black, but it got a chuckle out of me.

  2. BigT on May 30th, 2008 1:20 am

    When I got brawl the first thing I did was unlock snake. Then I played a snakes on a plane match.

    Picture didn’t make me lol.

  3. Draco Advigilat on May 30th, 2008 1:26 am

    Idea isn’t too bad (although not too great either.) Poorly executed though; both the picture and caption could use work.

  4. sir_auronDX on May 30th, 2008 2:28 am

    the caption is sooooo PAINT

  5. Taurus on May 30th, 2008 2:40 am

    Well I, for one, am greatly amused.

  6. Rayza B on May 30th, 2008 3:21 am

    I lol’ed too!

  7. Djinnator on May 30th, 2008 3:33 am

    I think a simple “snakes on a plane” caption would’ve been funnier but still good.

  8. Black Metal Munky on May 30th, 2008 4:42 am

    I am tired of these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!!!!!

  9. me on May 30th, 2008 6:12 am

    It would’ve been more effective and funnier if the caption was just “Snakes on a Plane”

  10. lolhax on May 30th, 2008 7:14 am

    Concept win.
    Caption fail.

  11. Bulletproof Moon on May 30th, 2008 8:00 am

    @ sir_auronDX: hey…..I use MS paint for my HALOLZ pics cause the lolcats builder never seems to work with me…… :(

    lol, I love this idea, I kinda wanna have a snakes on a plane match now, lol

  12. Jake on May 30th, 2008 8:45 am

    Bad caption color/styling, however it is a good concept. 3/5

  13. Ryumaru on May 30th, 2008 9:53 am

    He he… now, if Samuel L. Jackson was an unlockable character… If I were Snake, I’d be afraid.
    I’ve never seen Snakes on a Plane, but I don’t really want to. It just sounds kinda dumb.

  14. Teradohn on May 30th, 2008 10:18 am

    -agrees with lolhax-

  15. smashpro1 on May 30th, 2008 11:58 am

    I thought April Fool’s was over

  16. Orion X on May 30th, 2008 12:22 pm

    I think it would’ve been a little funnier if all four of ’em were on top of an Arwing/Wolfen. Not bad otherwise, though.

  17. TheRich on May 30th, 2008 12:23 pm

    We gotta get these motherfu-*shot*

  18. chris on May 30th, 2008 12:40 pm

    @ smashpro1

    And i thought people stopped saying ” I thought April Fool’s was over”

    to be honest your comment is less funny then the april fools pics themselves

    besides its not a bad picture, the concept is great, i just think he should have tried to get a better picture

  19. Pauld'Arbonne on May 30th, 2008 3:04 pm


    Cute, very cute

  20. SilverWolf on May 30th, 2008 3:17 pm

    YES! I was waiting for someone to do this! XD

  21. Draco Advigilat on May 30th, 2008 3:39 pm

    So true

  22. dudemanawesome on May 30th, 2008 5:38 pm

    horrible caption, keep it simple, “Snakes on a plane” would have worked

    otherwise…well done

  23. Kbman on May 31st, 2008 3:49 am

    Hey, Daniel Khachatorian, if you made that in photoshop, you may have bumped the quality level a bit to low when you saved it.
    Do you see how around Snakes… the color goes a bit screwy? Yeah, that goes away with a higher quality level.
    Just an fyi.

  24. killercartoons on June 1st, 2008 1:00 am

    @Daniel Khachatorian/Bulletproof Moon
    Try saving the pic in paint, captioning it on and then removing the icanhascheezburger bar from the bottom in paint. because thats how i do most of mine….

  25. ONE_HELLCAT on June 1st, 2008 5:49 pm

    Would’ve been better with ROB or Fox saying “I am tired of these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!!!”

  26. Dr. Jones Jr. on June 2nd, 2008 9:27 am

    THERE’S A SNAKE ON THE PLANE!… wait, its your pet?

  27. Corenator on June 29th, 2008 11:51 pm

    @Black Metal Munky

    Oi, you stole me line!

  28. DETH2GERBILZ on July 29th, 2008 5:42 pm

    just plain “SNAKES ON A PLANE” would’ve sufficed 5/5 for idea 3/5 for caption

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