Pokémon Crossing

Pokemon Crossing

Pokémon make great neighbors… except every time they make eye contact they must battle!
An adorable Nintendo crossover by anna-earley! Submitted by Sadface

The Fresh Fish of Bel-Air

The Fresh Fish of Bel-Air

So to you, all the Pokemon across the land,
There’s no need to argue, parents just don’t understand!
By Chris S.



Welcome to the world of Internet! Are you a boy or a girl?
Stickers by Sabtastic

Pokémon High School

Pokémon High School

It’s tough being a Magikarp at Pokemon High. Well, at least this would be a much healthier way for Magikarp to get revenge!
By JHall [JHall Comics]



I swear to God, five more experience points and I’ll kill you all.
By analogy_4_anything


This ad makes some convincing points. BI-OTCH!
By , submitted by CJ47 and Matt H.

Dragon Rage, Bitches

Dragon Rage,Bitches

Dragonite was always a huge jerk whenever I battled the elite four, looks like not much has changed.
By JHALLpokemon, submitted by Austin C. and JesterJoe

first i derp’d

first i derp'd, then i srs'd

Looks like Meghan’s Magiderp is evolving into Srs’arados!

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