[VIDEO] Poker Night at the Inventory 2 Trailer

Seems like an entertaining new group of miscreants! Hope they fix the actual poker part of the game this time…



They weren’t designed for it, but man can those turrets sing!
By xfreischutz

[VIDEO] If I Were A Core…

At first it seems like becoming a personality core wouldn’t be a particularly glamorous position at Aperture Science, but I suppose from a turret’s perspective any kind of  job change is a promotion!
Another great Portal music video by



They see me potatin’, they hatin’.

[VIDEO] How Super Mario Should Have Ended

Not all that surprising… the cake has always been a lie.
By , submitted by Jordan

[VIDEO] This Is Aperture

I love Portal 2, and I love The Nightmare Before Christmas, so basically I want to make out with this entire video!
By , submitted by several people

[VIDEO] WarioWare!: Valve Edition

This was an alpha. I’m making a note here, “huge success!”
By , submitted by Josh Mirman

[VIDEO] GLaDOS reads a letter to Princess Celestia

Sorry for the lack of updates, we were pretty busy at MAGFest! Enjoy this follow up to the previous MAGFest video!

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