Don’t Be An April Fool

Don't Be An April Fool

I’m off in Seattle doing the con thing right now, so I couldn’t do one of those crazy April Fool’s site reskins! But really the April Fool’s stuff on the internet is getting a little overkill anyway, right? I mean you can’t believe anything you read online today! Take this comic by Dorkly for example!

Goron Freeman

Goron Freeman

He’s not our first Goron Freeman, but this version is so well done I couldn’t resist posting him again!
Submitted by Psyguy

Gabe Newell stars in Half-Life 3

Gabe Newell stars in Half-Life 3
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You have to admit, I think we’d all like to see Gaben star in his own game.
By Darren Geers

Why I’m not looking forward to Half Life 3…

Why I'm not looking forward to Half Life 3...
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Episode 3? Maybe I can wait a little longer…
By David Boyle [Quantum Feline]

Valve Games: Then & Now

A retrospective: Valve games: then & now

Everyone keeps wondering what the hold up is on Episode 3… when the sad truth is they’re still trying to get the rainbow clown-wig physics juuuust right.
By John Kleckner [Hejibits], submitted by toadking07

[VIDEO] Half Life: Origins

I would watch this movie in a heartbeat! Well actually, most of the film would probably be boring scenes of Gordon in complete silence quietly navigating hallways. Maybe I’ll wait for it on DVD.
By InfectiousDesigner, submitted by several people



I had no idea the HEV suit knew so much about me! It even knows my darkest secrets.
Suit, you know too much… you’re gonna have to die. Now how do I make it look like an accident?
Check out more of the brand new “brentalfloss the comic

[VIDEO] Wish I Had a Portal Gun (Aperture Science Rap)

Aperture Science would like to remind you that while your beats may be mad fresh, rapping within the testing area is strictly prohibited and may result in busted rhymes.
By Dorkly, submitted by several people!

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