Need a dispenser here!

Need a dispenser here!
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Need a dispenser riiiiight here!
By AlphaBoner

[VIDEO] Toy Soldier

It’s… worth watching until the end…
By , submitted by Blue Paratroopa

[VIDEO] Heavy-Doo Where Are You!


[VIDEO] The Curse of Team Auto-Balance

Strange, that usually works. Performance anxiety?

[VIDEO] Meet the Solider directed by Michael Bay

The Soldier’s so cool, he doesn’t even need to look at all those explosions!
By , submitted by Zach H.

[VIDEO] Meat the Soldier

Clothing only slows him down! Ha HA! Dangley parts!
By , submitted by Psycroc

[VIDEO] Meet the Roboldier

Little did they know, while we were infiltrating the robots, the robots were infiltrating us!

[VIDEO] Practical Problems

Engineers excel at solving practical everyday problems… like wiping that smirk off his neighbors face by blowing up all of 2Fort!
By , submitted by Skrist

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