[VIDEO] Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged in TF2

Towers of hats on motorcycles?
By [via LittleKuriboh]


Bitches don’t know ’bout my octorocks!
By , submitted by several people

Additionally, if you’re a decrepit old man like me, you probably remember this on your primitive “teevee” as a child! WHOA NICE GRAPHICS!
Submitted by KZN02

The Legend of the Hipsters

The Legend of the Hipsters
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Hipster Link

I’m really into Goron music right now. You’ve probably never heard of it, it’s really underground.
Artwork by CauseImDanJones, cosplay photo by Chris C.

[VIDEO] The Legend of Ganondorf: A Zelda Song

Ga-Ga-Ga-Ganondorf! Ga-Ga-Ga-Ganondorf! Who knew the guy had his own live-in backup singers?
By , submitted by Sadface and Peter S.

[VIDEO] Navi’s Song (Hey, Listen!)

For the first time in my life I actually feel bad for that damn fairy! Or at least not intense hatred.
By , submitted by Dr. Furry


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You call that a massive collection of custom Mega Man sprites? Well where the hell is Professor Layto…oh there he is. Yeah well where the hell is Vincent Valentin…oh there he is. Well where the hell is, you know what… they’re all there.
By captainslam (available as a print here!)

[VIDEO] Captain Falcon: The Sore Loser

It’s hard to feel bad for Falcon, he is one of the lowest ranked characters in Brawl. I guess after years of losing battles he just got fed up!
Via NicoVideo

[VIDEO] Ocarina of Time Can-Can Remix

It starts kind of annoying… then it gets better… then it gets SO AWFUL OH GOD KILL IT WITH FIRE! Either way this gets me in the mood to go play that 3DS remake…
Via NicoVideo

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