[VIDEO] Spyro Does A Thing

Being a hero ain’t easy. Or cheap!
By Psyguy and CrikeyDave

[VIDEO] Team Fabulous 2

This is quite possibly the weirdest, most confusing TF2 video I’ve ever watched. Enjoy!
By , submitted by Chibi and Random Guy


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You call that a massive collection of custom Mega Man sprites? Well where the hell is Professor Layto…oh there he is. Yeah well where the hell is Vincent Valentin…oh there he is. Well where the hell is, you know what… they’re all there.
By captainslam (available as a print here!)

[VIDEO] Spy & Pyro

FINALLY… someone (Albino Blacksheep) answers the age old question… what would TF2 be like if it were an old fashioned cartoon?
Submitted by several people