[VIDEO] Dictator

So serious… maybe it’s inspirational Sunday? Either way this video will make you want to stop destroying your fellow man in TF2.
By , submitted by Keffer L.

[VIDEO] Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged in TF2

Towers of hats on motorcycles?
By [via LittleKuriboh]

[VIDEO] Meet The Kaiba

LittleKuriboh mixed Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged with Team Fortress 2? I CAME…
to Halolz to post this immediately!
Submitted by several people

[VIDEO] What’s The Announcer doing when you play TF2?

Spectating a TF2 match isn’t nearly as exciting as being in it… so you have to assume The Administrator is doing something back there to keep herself entertained!
By PoonkerTV, submitted by Brian C. and Mikołaj O.