Hyrule Lawn Care

Cutting Grass

I don’t even know why anyone has a job in Hyrule when you can find so much free money and items hiding in the grass!
By Colin Lepper

[VIDEO] The Legend of Cucco

I thought Link was the true hero of Hyrule… but he never showed up. I guess you could say he was… chicken? *ba-dum-dum ching!* Thank you! Tip your waitresses!
By ChrisCrossMedia, submitted by Justin B.

I want you inside me…

What’s the problem kid? Get in there and climb around my insides! This curse ain’t gonna break itself!
By sentimentalpirate

Spy’s Sappin’ Mah Deku Tree

Spy Sappin' Mah Deku Tree

Ganondorf was framed? I didn’t see that coming!
By Will W.