[VIDEO] The Legend of Cucco

I thought Link was the true hero of Hyrule… but he never showed up. I guess you could say he was… chicken? *ba-dum-dum ching!* Thank you! Tip your waitresses!
By ChrisCrossMedia, submitted by Justin B.

The Original Angry Birds

The Original Angry Birds

Unlike in Angry Birds, throwing birds at your enemies in Zelda games is not nearly as effective.
Artist unknown, submitted by Caelun_Niveus

[VIDEO] Mario & Link Get A Portal Gun

Now you’re playing with power! And thinking with portals!
By Dorkly, submitted by Linkaro and Steven D.


DEATH BY CUCKOO - Let's be honest. He deserved it.

What’s the matter Marty? You CHICKEN?!
From Bytejacker superstar Anthony Carboni