Captain vs Captain

Captain vs Captain

It’s a battle between amiibo and Disney Infinity figures!
I’m putting my money on the one with wings on his helmet!


More Pokevengers
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Not the first one of these… but Iron Scizor made it for me.
By AstroZerk

Avengers Fortress 2

Avengers Fortress 2

I’m pretty sick of hats, but I would damn well pay for this!
Artist unknown, submitted by several people

[VIDEO] The Avengers The Video Game Exclusive Trailer!

Yes! All my favorite Marvel superheroes in one amazing game!
By , submitted by Brian F.



Hmm, I can’t help but wonder which Pokemon Samuel L. Jackson would be.
Artist unknown

[VIDEO] Team Captive Audience

Speaking of trolling in MvC3, watch as uses an obscure bug to freeze his online opponents and force them to listen to Thor’s exceptionally long taunt over and over! Can you guess which player sticks around for Thor’s entire performance?
Submitted by Doc Ock Rokc


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He was just an ordinary Squirtle, until the Kanto government created the super rare candy syrum!
By AdrAlves

[VIDEO] Marvel vs Capcom 3 ruined by Marvel vs Capcom 2

Some might consider this ruining it. However if you played Marvel vs Capcom 2 in the arcades and on Dreamcast as much as I did, this makes things just feel… right, y’know?
By GamesRadar

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