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Not the first one of these… but Iron Scizor made it for me.
By AstroZerk

Superhero Pokémon

ZubatmanHuman Torchic
Poison SnivyGreen Lanturn
Lairon ManEmma Froslass
Black AriadowChimcharley Quinn
JokerliaSkitty Pride
Wonder Woobat

There’s a new breed of hero in town! But they’re all from different egg types!
By Binsbilyas

Avengers Fortress 2

Avengers Fortress 2

I’m pretty sick of hats, but I would damn well pay for this!
Artist unknown, submitted by several people

[VIDEO] The Avengers The Video Game Exclusive Trailer!

Yes! All my favorite Marvel superheroes in one amazing game!
By , submitted by Brian F.