[VIDEO] Pikachu on Acid

When Muk uses acid on Pikachu, things get a little crazy.

[VIDEO] Pokemon New Vegas

Surviving in a post-apocalyptic wasteland is much easier with a full team of (quite possibly mutated) pocket monsters!
By , submitted by Ogre

493 Pokémon Drawn As Anime Girls

493 Pokémon Drawn As Anime Girls
Gotta view them all!

Gotta catch ’em all… and have a sexy party in my basement! Well except for that little girl Mudkip, this isn’t that kind of site people.
Artist unknown, submitted by several people [via Geekologie]

Scyther can not learn FLY!

Scyther can not learn FLY! (Comic)

Damn you Gary Oak! Damn you to hell!
By rounindx , submitted by Fierce Deavora and Jakebob

The foe’s MILTANK used Stomp!

The foe's MILTANK used Stomp!

Only Mort from KC Green’s Anime Club can truly express the rage we all feel when fighting Whitney’s Miltank! Well, I take that back… I don’t think anyone has as much Miltank rage as loyal reader and pseudo-twitter celebrity CdiGanon


Modified comic by Supakitsune, submitted by Mike.
Photo caption by meeeeee!