My Awesome Magneton


In a lot of ways, pokemon evolution is just nature’s superglue.
By Matthew Taranto and Chris Seward [Brawl in the Family]



Enemy trainer sent out Rogerrola!
Dougtrio used Earthquake! It’s super effective!

493 Pokémon Drawn As Anime Girls

493 Pokémon Drawn As Anime Girls
Gotta view them all!

Gotta catch ’em all… and have a sexy party in my basement! Well except for that little girl Mudkip, this isn’t that kind of site people.
Artist unknown, submitted by several people [via Geekologie]

[VIDEO] Heavy vs Diglett

I saw this target=”_blank”>mod for Garry’s Mod last week (which adds Diglett and Dugtrio to GMod),
but I didn’t expect to see it used to harass Heavy Weapons Guy!
By EdbotnikThe and MisterMild respectively, submitted by Sir Kemper and CdiGanon

[VIDEO] Garrymon: I Choose You!

Oh good. I was hoping I would see the entire first episode of the Pokemon TV show redone in Gmod today. >_>
By SpawnThemAll, submitted by killercartoons and Delta_Three