[VIDEO] Criminal Mines

A Minecraft/Criminal Minds crossover? Sure, why not?
From the MAD animated series, submitted by Sadface

[VIDEO] Ponies Invade Your Video Games

It’s 3am on a Monday night… time to post some goddamn ponies!
Why has MLP invaded so many video games recently? I dunno I just work here!
Anyway if you don’t like My Little Pony, you may as well just stop reading right now!

Those Fluttershy’s are as fearsome as they are adorable!
By [via Destructoid]

At first I couldn’t figure out why Rarity was visiting TF2. Then I realized, no other game has more fashionable hats!
By , submitted by Sam W.

Not exactly the ultimate battle of ultimate destiny, but an interesting matchup none-the-less!
By , submitted by Jamie S.

Yes. Castlevania remixes about Rarity. Sure, why not?
By our buddy , submitted by KeyBlader1

And of course I can never get enough Rhythm Heaven

I think that fills our pony quota for the next three weeks, right?



300 Miners? I haven’t seen that many minors in one place since our last Justin Bieber concert! Hai-yoooo!
By neoblade1624

Not Enough Torches

Not Enough Torches
Click here to zoom!

Thank God the Minecraft universe is rendered in adorable little cubes… because in reality that place is about 100 times scarier at night!
By ghostfire, submitted by toadking07



Creepers have far more involved lives after work hours than I ever would have considered.
By Boojamon

A backpack filled with Cobblestone

Steve, with a backpack filled with Cobblestone

I will never complain about my limited inventory capacity again! We should all be thankful he can carry as much as he already does!
By Stoul

Sheep Brutality

Sheep Brutality

Yeah… version 1.7 did wonders for wool collecting. :O
By Jake Allen [floorisnowlava]

[VIDEO] Rahmschnitzel feat. Gronkh – Kohle Metal

I’m not quite sure what’s going on right now, but apparently in Germany creepers and zombies really know how to rock out!
By , animated gif via Gamefreaks

Rocking Creeper

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