Merry Gamey Christmas

Merry Gamey Christmas
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Christmas time, that time of year where friends and enemies come together to eat, drink and be merry! Also to play Rock Band.
By haruningster, submitted by several people

[VIDEO] Undercover Videogame Boss

Finally those bosses learn how tough it is being a minion!
By CollegeHumor, submitted by several people



I’m impressed… I wouldn’t have guessed the Sonic characters would fit into the Team Fortress roles so well!
By Toughset, submitted by lolmaster200 p

[VIDEO] The Video Game Bosses’ Lament

The minions weren’t really reading the company-wide memos, so it’s time for the big bosses to hold a meeting within each of their divisions. Attendance… mandatory!
By CollegeHumor

[VIDEO] Sonic and Mario’s Awkward Reunion

Sooooo… uh… do we our order now or…
From CollegeHumor

[VIDEO] Left 4 Dead 2 Silly Infected Soundmods

I don’t know which I like more, Sonic the Hedgehog as a Hunter or Heavy Weapons Guy as a Tank! Either way there’s a little something here for everyone!

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