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Dr. Light… the creationist of 20XX.
Artist unknown

[VIDEO] Career Man

Working for Wily Corp. is a thankless job. Maybe I should take a vacation and try to murder a small blue robot boy!
By SuperPsyguy and Friends!

Lets go! RockGirl

Lets go! RockGirl
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Female Mega Man and Proto Man (and some of the robot masters)? Sure why not, even ladies know how to JUMP ‘N SHOOT!
By dcwj [via Rampaged Reality]

[VIDEO] Guts Man Rides Rush

Like Peter Griffin riding Falcor, Guts Man is just a bit over Rush’s maximum weight capacity.
By crossedmoonmaster, submitted by Tonie2000

[VIDEO] Undercover Videogame Boss

Finally those bosses learn how tough it is being a minion!
By CollegeHumor, submitted by several people

[VIDEO] The Video Game Bosses’ Lament

The minions weren’t really reading the company-wide memos, so it’s time for the big bosses to hold a meeting within each of their divisions. Attendance… mandatory!
By CollegeHumor