[VIDEO] Super Mario Busters

I ain’t afraid of no boo!
By James Farr, submitted by Psyguy

The 120 Stars of Super Mario 64

The 120 Stars of Super Mario 64

When Kit Sovereign illustrates it like this, getting all the stars in Mario 64 doesn’t seem hard at all!
Now available as a poster at Level Up Studios!

Steamboat Mario

Steamboat Mario
Mario’s first animated appearance was a timeless classic! And it didn’t even need guest star Lou Albano!
By belldandies

Koopa Troop Propaganda Posters

Koopa Troop Propaganda Posters

Attention all Goombas, Troopas and even Buzzy Beetles! Do your part against the plumber menace and enlist today! The Koopa Troop needs your support!
By Fro Design Co.

[VIDEO] If It Takes a Lifetime

Having a bunch of extra lives seems like  it would be great, but it’s actually quite tedious!
A Brawl in the Family video, submitted by AuraMaster



There’s a reason they gave the guy so many extra lives… the odds were always stacked against him!
By TheBourgyman, submitted by Masterluigi452

[VIDEO] The Wii Didn’t Start the Fire

Should it worry me that this song sums up my entire life in four minutes? Nah…
By PopeFriction, submitted by KHPandaZ and smashpro1

[VIDEO] Yoshi Hates Mario

Mario’s always been a huge jerk to Yoshi, I just never realized how many years it’s been going on!
From Dorkly, submitted by smashpro1

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