Not Enough Torches

Not Enough Torches
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Thank God the Minecraft universe is rendered in adorable little cubes… because in reality that place is about 100 times scarier at night!
By ghostfire, submitted by toadking07

[VIDEO] Ghosts n’ Goblins WITH LYRICS

I would say this lyrical rendition of the Ghosts n’ Goblins theme by brentalfloss is perfect… except I feel like there was room for some kind of joke about having to beat the game twice!
Submitted by smashpro1

[VIDEO] Fist Of The Dead Star

Using karate on zombies is definitely easier in low gravity! WHA-CHAAAAAA
By , submitted by several people

Friendship is SURVIVAL

Friendship is SURVIVAL
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This summer. In a world… where ponies are humans and zombies are zombies, one team dares to survive with the power of friendship.
By theartrix, submitted by

Eating human flesh?

Eating human flesh? That's a paddlin'

Talkin’ outta turn? target=”_blank”>That’s a paddlin’. Shufflin’ across the beach? Yeah that’s a paddlin’. Eating tourists brains? Oh you better believe that’s a paddlin’!
By Tomulus

[VIDEO] Zombies: Greatest Threat To Man

You gotta hand it to those Dead Island zombies… they’re persistent! Even when a conveniently placed floatation device has created an impenertable wall between them and your delicious, tasty brains!
By Sir Kemper

[VIDEO] More Frank’s Fantastic Foto Facts

Get your cameras ready! Capcom just released two more Dead Rising 2: Off The Record teasers featuring everyone’s favorite zombie photographer and war coverer! Faaaan-tastic!

[VIDEO] Frank’s Fantastic Foto Facts

Frank is the man, but no one is going to believe you can get quality shots of the zombie apocalypse with a disposable camera!
And just in case you hadn’t seen it, I threw in the video about Frank’s rise and fall from fame.
Both are official promo videos for Dead Rising 2: Off The Record!

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