Capcom couldn’t see this coming.
By Koeniginator.

[VIDEO] Team Fabulous 2

This is quite possibly the weirdest, most confusing TF2 video I’ve ever watched. Enjoy!
By , submitted by Chibi and Random Guy

Deadwood Pro Baseball Bats

Deadwood Pro Baseball Bats

Aluminum bats? Don’t make me laugh, everyone knows the pros have Deadwood.
[via Dead Rising’s Facebook Fan Page]

[VIDEO] Two Best Friends Play Dead Rising 2 Off The Record

When I saw that the Two Best Friends did an episode for Off The Record I assumed it wouldn’t be funny since they had already done the original Dead Rising 2. I was wrong!
Submitted by Matthew K.

[VIDEO] More Frank’s Fantastic Foto Facts

Get your cameras ready! Capcom just released two more Dead Rising 2: Off The Record teasers featuring everyone’s favorite zombie photographer and war coverer! Faaaan-tastic!

[VIDEO] Frank’s Fantastic Foto Facts

Frank is the man, but no one is going to believe you can get quality shots of the zombie apocalypse with a disposable camera!
And just in case you hadn’t seen it, I threw in the video about Frank’s rise and fall from fame.
Both are official promo videos for Dead Rising 2: Off The Record!

Kellogg’s vs Capcom

Kellogg's vs Capcom

The continuation of Capcom’s legendary VS Series! It’s not out yet but I found a few of the new special moves:
— Tony the Tiger Uppercut
Tap Repeatedly — Honey Smacks
 +  — Toucan Slam
— Two Scoops of Kellog’s Raisin Kablam
Submitted by Chris L. [via Marvel vs Capcom 3’s Facebook Page]


It seems the cast of Tatsunoko vs Capcom was not aware of Frank West’s status in relation to his coverage of wars. You know?