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Well they put Strong Bad in Poker Night at the Inventory… I guess this could work too!
By DaBurninator, submitted by BubbleRevolution

[BONUS] Official Halolz Spray Pack #2

Official Halolz Spray Pack #2

Welcome to Halolz Spray Pack #2! After nine years in development, hopefully it was worth the wait!

Remember these sprays can be used on any of Valve’s Source games, including Team Fortress 2 and Left4Dead! And installation is fairly painless!

And don’t forget about our first spray pack! You can grab them both right here:
Halolz Spray Pack #1
Halolz Spray Pack #2

Poker Night at the Dog House

Dogs Playing Poker at The Inventory
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It’s the match-up of the century! The worlds most unlikely poker group vs the worlds legendary pack of poker playing canines? The fur is about to fly!
By Carlos Nazareno

[VIDEO] Poker Night at the Inventory Conversations (Part 1)

No need to buy the game… the best part of the whole thing (besides unlocking exclusive TF2 items) is hearing these four having off-the-cuff conversations with each other!
By GamiCross

I am Heavy Weapons Guy. And THIS… is my poker face.

I am Heavy Weapons Guy. And THIS... is my poker face. It took 4 years of practice to stare like this for twelve seconds.

Who would have thought all that special poker training he received back in the USSR would end up paying off? Then again who ever thought he’d be playing poker against Max, Strongbad and Tycho?
By Sir Kemper